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Welcome To

Golden State

Barbell Club



We are the premier training facility for olympic weightlifting in San Francisco.

We focus on training athletes and competitors, as well as high performing individuals who want to maximize their weight training. 

We have a full-time USAW certified coaching staff and we offer group classes and private coaching.


Training for Athletes and Competitors

Whichever sport you do, you'll do it better with more strength and speed. Building muscle also helps to prevent injury or recover from injuries. Best of all, join a community of competitive athletes just like you!

Training for High Performing Individuals

Spend your valuable time on training that actually achieves results. Building muscle will help you look better and feel better. Best of all, weight training is shown to slow age-related cognitive decline.

Private Sessions & Small Group Classes

Our expert coaches offer private training and small group classes. We have over 20 classes a week both for athletes (ie. Weightlifting Techniques) and for general fitness (ie. Strength HIIT).